Wandering in the Woods in West Africa

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Wandering in the Woods in West Africa

This short episode is the first in our experimental ‘side chat’ format. 

It started out as I (your host, Rowena) was writing a ‘thank you’ note to our guest from last week, Eric Brewer. Somehow that email ballooned into a 3-page story about how Eric’s work set off a chain reaction which changed my life forever. I go deep to share a pretty formative period of my early career, which I at times describe as my years ‘wandering in the woods’ in Ghana. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I needed to get lost in order to find my way. I learned a tonne from this experience, lessons which still guide me to this day. I’m sharing this story now in case some of you might also get value from it.

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In Ghana, circa 2006, doing one of the many things I was completely un-qualified to do