Achieving Financial Sustainability in Open Source with Yaw Anokwa of ODK

Aid, Evolved
Aid, Evolved
Achieving Financial Sustainability in Open Source with Yaw Anokwa of ODK

In November of 2020, I sat down with Yaw Anokwa, founder and CEO of ODK, to talk about the unsustainability of open-source software in global development. Despite building a data collection platform that was used by countless organizations in every country in the world, Yaw’s team struggled to find the financial resources necessary to keep ODK going.

Today, ODK is celebrating a huge milestone: in a single year, Yaw has transformed the organization, rebuilt their revenue model, and achieved financial sustainability. We catch up with Yaw to talk about the many different business models ODK tried which failed to take off… and the one that finally made it.

ODK helps social impact organizations build powerful offline forms to collect the data they need wherever it is. It is used for everything from COVID-19 contact tracing in Somalia, to monitoring parliamentary elections in Albania, to managing school attendance across Honduras.

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