Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Former Minister of Health of Rwanda

Aid, Evolved
Aid, Evolved
Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Former Minister of Health of Rwanda

Dr. Agnes Binagwaho joins us today to talk about the role of digital health in the remarkable transformation of Rwanda’s health system post-genocide.

She is a paediatrician, former Minister of Health of Rwanda, Senior Lecturer at Harvard University, Advisor to the Director-General of the WHO, and co-founder of the University of Global Health Equity.

What are the failed promises of digital health? How has data been a North Star to her work? And what steps did she take to show the world that Rwanda today stands for truth?

Conversation Highlights

  • (02m59s) – When health data is held hostage 
  • (04m21s) – How HIV brought electronic medical records to Rwanda
  • (10m06s) – How data supports effective health systems governance
  • (16m10s) – Using Twitter to take a stand
  • (20m54s) – Whose data do you trust?


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