Nicole Spieker of PharmAccess Foundation: Innovations in Healthcare Financing

Aid, Evolved
Aid, Evolved
Nicole Spieker of PharmAccess Foundation: Innovations in Healthcare Financing

When you dig into the problem of providing quality healthcare in Africa, sooner or later you hit the foundational question, “who is going to pay for these services?”

In tackling this challenge, PharmAccess Foundation has provided health financing to almost 5M people in Kenya alone. A key part of this success is developing a digitally-enabled, financially sustainable approach that generates revenue from middle-income clients to sustainably serve low-income communities.

We chat today with Nicole Spieker, CEO of PharmAccess Foundation, about the public-private partnerships necessary to make healthcare affordable to everyone. 

Conversation Highlights

  • (2m20s) – Introducing PharmAccess Foundation
  • (4m21s) – How PharmAccess is innovating in healthcare financing
  • (8m04s) – What makes M-TIBA different than other health insurance programs?
  • (11m17s) – The digital leapfrog opportunity in health insurance in Africa
  • (13m42s) – How public funds catalyze private investment
  • (16m17s) – Harnessing the value of data for the people who own it


  • PharmAccess Foundation’s official website
  • M-TIBA is the Kenyan technology spinoff of PharmAccess Foundation providing health insurance to millions of Kenyans today.
  • CarePay is another technology social enterprise also inspired by the work of PharmAccess Foundation.
  • The Medical Credit Fund was established by PharmAccess Foundation to provide loans directly to health facilities to improve quality of care. To date, PharmAccess has provided over $200M in financing to health facilities through this Fund. 
  • The Health Insurance Fund finances some of the activities of PharmAccess Foundation. It was created by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, private companies, and PharmAccess in 2006.

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